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In accordance with its function, the hotel is a temporary residence, which is usually occupied by the traveler and the most are the businessmen, of course. However, the hotel is now functioning in major cities are growing. Not just a place to rest the businessmen who were conducting a business trip, but the hotel can also be used directly as a place to do business.

Of course, although the hotel can also be used as a place to do business but actually quite different when compared with the actual office. However, the shift in lifestyle, the hotel is like like an office. It's not new anymore if a company decides to hold meetings, seminars or training for employees by choosing a hotel as a place. Seeing this, the hotel management to complete competing hotel facilities, so guests can make their business activities as comfortable as possible.

city located near the shore is interesting to build the hotel. one of the city is the city of Miami, FL, is located in the United States. City of Miami, FL has a very beautiful beach and a very bustling city that is very conducive to attract investors to do business hotel in the city of Miami, FL. There is also a city of Charlotte, NC, a city that's fair enough as the real estate market town of great saying today. Housing market presents a lower level to provide quality and an excellent choice for relocation. Cost of living in Charlotte, NC low compared with cities and other countries as well, which presents plus side for those who plan to move to the city of Charlotte, NC. No less interesting is also to do business but the business sector housing, Pittsburgh, PA city. City of the immovable. Relatively stable housing market and the city became the only town in America who actually experienced an increase in residential property prices in times of crisis. In 2008 Pittsburgh, PA was able to add jobs while many cities lost jobs and the national economy into recession significant work.

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