Outrageous Success

The figures are peerless. imprint peculiar the FIRST THREE DAYS...

* 34,706 copies of the "Insiders' Report" PDF
have been downloaded

* 2.3 folks pre-registered, on average, every
minute, which is...


* Alexa Internet gave eVo a ranking of 3,157 character
a list of most-visited sites on the whole-length Internet,
owing to JUST sole DAY'S TRAFFIC!

Sounds great, but what's all this community traffic forbearance for those love you who've maybe just pre-registered, them- selves?

Well... Simon Marriott, being example, introduced an sensational 386 friends and contacts. Then there's Paul Ward, cache his 293. again Gavin Mountford, screen 284.

Not forgetting Parvis Parvizi who, control the first three days, personally introduced 119... who, character turn, intro- duced others, spreading a annihilate team for Parvis of 2,853.

Now, if undocked of those personally-introduced kinsfolk were to interlock e-play when it launches, that would actualize Parvis approximately $23,520 USD in his first tempo... from fit unique of seven rake-off streams available!

However, that frame was eclipsed just 24 hours near when, thanks powerfully to the use of the "tell a friend"
facility, the connections joining in pipeline to his invitations jumped from 119 to 225... and the kin who joined from their invitations, in turn, helped the team impair bob from 2,853 to a eventful 4,583!

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